How to make Grilled Paella

Grilled Paella

How to make Grilled Paella is a question asked by many people. In making this delicious dish the following ingredients are required;

One pound clams or mussels.

Black pepper and salt.

One cup coarse salt.

Three tablespoon vegetable oil.

Four ounces smoked chorizo kielbasa or sausage, sliced.

Eight ounces pork loin sliced into one inch size, boneless.

Two slices chopped bacon.

Half cup green sweet pepper, chopped.

Half cup chopped onions.

Two cups raw rice.

Three cups clove garlic.

Five cups chicken broth.

2 cups Roma tomatoes, chopped.

Pinch saffron threads.

One teaspoon smoked paprika.

One teaspoon garden-fresh thyme leaves.

One teaspoon fine shred lemon-peel.

One tablespoon sliced fresh Italian parsley.

One cup baby lime beans.

One large shrimp skinned and deveined.



Scrub alive mussels in the cold running water. Remove the beards visible amid the shells from the mussels using your finger. Put together four quarts cold water and half cup coarse salt into a large pot. Add mussels and soak for fifteen minutes. Drain and rinse, discard the water. Do this two more times and set mussels aside.

Spice the chicken thighs using black pepper and salt. In case of a charcoal grill, put a sixteen inch paella pan by the frame of an open grill straight above the medium hot coals. Put some oil into the pan and swirl for even coating. Put chicken on the pan with the skin sides down. Cook until brown. Remove the chicken from pan and set aside.

Add bacon, chorizo, and pork to the pan; cook & stir til brown on every side. Add onions, sweet pepper and garlic; cook till veggies start to soften. Add rice; cook while stirring till rice grains turn light brown. Place chicken in the pan. Add tomatoes, broth, paprika saffron, half teaspoon salt, & one teaspoon black pepper into the pan. Allow to boil, cover grill.

Without stirring cook till the rice is plump thou a little firm. Stir in shrimp, mussels, thyme, parsley, peas, and lemon peel. Cover and cook till mussels are open, shrimp is opaque, and chicken pink color disappears. Remove any unopened mussels and allow the dish to stand for 5 minutes prior to serving.

Guide to Grilling: How to Take Care of Your Grill

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Whether it is the gathering of family and friends, the fire’s glow or the fresh air, it cannot be denied that there is something special about outdoor barbecues. The fact is, grilling outdoors is a lifestyle that more and more people enjoy. Of course, the moment you decide to get the best grill on the market, you will need to know how to take care of your grill. In other words, just like every great relationship, loving your grill means putting in the time and effort it takes to keep it like-new.

If you are concerned about whether specific models are harder or easier to clean then others, the answer is no. As a matter of fact, no matter how expensive or inexpensive your grill is, the proper care and maintenance will keep it running smoothly for years to come. An improperly maintained expensive grill won’t last a year and in the same line of thought, an inexpensive knock-off may last for a decade with the right cleaning and maintenance techniques. Why not take a look on the best gas grills 2015 at grill2day, they have a really big list of all the new grills.



Clean Your Grill Immediately After Use

Grill cleaning skills such as knowing how to take care of your grill will be necessary the moment you grill your first meal. This is especially true in the summertime when it becomes a necessity to maintain the surface area cleanliness of your barbecue grill each time you finish grilling. Every experienced grill owner knows that just a couple of cookouts can cause the grate to get very dingy, which causes food to burn more easily and stick to the surface.

When you have an outdoor barbecue, a successful cooking experience involves steps you can take to ensure a clean grill. Meals you have cooked previously may have left a charred grill. Here are the steps you need to take in order for your grill to remain clean and ready for the next barbecue. Take note that each time to clean your grill or grate, it is best to wear flame retardant gloves.



Clean the Grate Using the Charring Method

You can clean your grill’s grate using the charring method. To remove unwanted, old and left behind bits of past meals and cooking sauces is to get these charred on the surface of the grill. To do this, bring the cooking grate up to cooking temperature after you light up the grill. As you do this, keep the grill closed. This gets the grill surface heated up and all the leftover food particles and sauces cooked. It gets really easy to remove all of these food particles from your grate when you burn them.

Next, once you charred the surface of the grate, open the barbecue grate cover. Wearing your fire retardant gloves, use a barbecue scraper or steel brush and rub this along the grate surface in an up and down motion. This removes most of the burnt particles of food and causes it to fall on the grill’s bottom.

With a clean cloth soaked in fresh cooking oil, take a pair of tongs and brush the cloth along the surface of the grate in an up and down motion. This step will need extra care as the hot coals may cause oil droplets to flare up. This step cleans up all remaining grill debris and creates a non-stick surface for your next grilling party. When you finish getting the grate wiped down throw away the oiled cloth. At this point, your grill is ready to be used once more.



At the End of Each Grilling Season

When the season for summertime barbecue cookouts is coming to an end, more elbow grease may be necessary. Just before you pack up your grill to store away during the winter season, clean it with hot water in a sink. Use a little soap, a piece of steel wool and tons of elbow grease. Scrub the grill grates until it is clear of any gunk that may have remained on the surface.



Dispose of Leftover Ash

You will need to dump the ash and charcoal leftover after each grill. The reason for this is that this collects moisture and can become a substance not unlike cement after a few cookouts, which can mean even harder work for you in the long run. You can dump ash at the end of the day in a bucket you can keep nearby.



Grill Storage

If you keep your grill outdoors, covering your grill is a must. If you don’t cover your grill, it may start to rust and you will end up not being able to use it. On the other hand, with the proper maintenance, cleaning and storage of your grill, you will be able to enjoy your grill year after year without having to buy a new one for years to come.


grilled corn


If you have not yet tasted grilled corn, then you missing out on this great delicacy that can be an invaluable addition to any meal, be it breakfast, lunch or even dinner. You can also enjoy this tasty delicacy with your meals, in between meals or even when watching a movie.



Grilled corn recipe is among the easiest recipes I have ever known. Let us prepare a simple serving of delicious grilled corn.



To prepare this delicacy, you need;

  • 8 ears of corn, preferably farm fresh.
  • Oil
  • Unsalted butter
  • Salt



First, prepare grill for direct heat-cooking. This may be gas grills or even charcoal grills. Moderate heat is recommended for slow even cooking as much heat may burn the corn even before it cooks.

If you choose to grill the corn with its husks, you need to evenly oil the grill to avoid burning the corn. This is if you are using gas grill. For charcoal grills, it is advisable to grill the corn with the husks to ensure it cooks without burning as regulating the heat in charcoal grills may be hard. For gas grills, grill the corn for 20-30 minutes until brown and tender. For charcoal grills, you will have to keep turning the corn while it cooks slowly until it starts changing color to brown.

After this, let it cool a little bit before serving it salted and buttered depending on your preference.



Grilled corn is among the many substitutes of popcorn. You can choose to have this meal anytime you feel like biting on something. Besides its nutritional value, it helps in your digestion as it is a good source of fiber. For those with unmanageable appetite, this can also help in suppressing your appetite especially if you are on slimming diet. So, the next time you want to try something new in the kitchen, try this and you will surely like it.